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Mild Steel 'L' Edging Sections

Ref. No. Short length Long length Thickness Weight
Mild Steel 'L' Edging Section - LF1 LF1 13 mm 30 mm  3.0 mm 0.88 kg/m
Ref. LF1 section for framing 'angled strand' type expanded steel having strand widths of 4.75mm or under. Standard length 2500mm.
Mild Steel 'L' Edging Section - LF2 LF2 7 mm 25 mm  1.5 mm 0.34 mm

Ref. LF2L section for framing 'angled strand'type expanded steel having strand widths of 2.40mm or under and also flattened expanded steel. Standard length 2500mm.


Steel L sections have been specially produced for framing expanded steel mesh and they offer several advantages. With two sections only many expanded steel meshes can be framed easily and with cost saving.

There is less metal in the L sections than in U sections so they are more economical and are lighter.

With the L sections the fabrication of framed panels is easier and therefore less costly.

The complete frame is welded together with mitred corners and the mesh placed in position and welded at intervals; all welding is inside the panel.

The need for sliding the mesh into a gap and clenching is eliminated.

The absence of a narrow gap enables protective finishes such as galvanising, paint or plastic coating to achieve total coverage.

The L sections can be used with advantage wherever the framed panel is to be bolted to a structure with the rear face of the framing concealed.

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